Widner-Magers Farm Historic District

Added to the National Registry of Historic Places - February 2007

North of Dell, Mississippi County, Arkansas
A Collection of Plain Traditional-Style Agricultural Structures built between 1912 and 1939

A Member of the Association of Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums 


The Mission of the Widner-Magers Farm Historic District is to promote and celebrate the unique agricultural experience of the Mississippi Delta in Northeast Arkansas, through the research and preservation of the farm buildings and early 20th century farm life; and to provide educational opportunities to experience 20th century farm life and folk culture.             


Magers Barn ca 1967, built ca 1930; photo by Curtis Duncan; known as the C C Duncan Farm from 1957-2004

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Our Objectives

cotnAgricultural Architecture: The Widner-Magers Farm Historic District allows us to display the unique folk architecture that defined the Arkansas Mississippi Delta in the early 20th century through building styles, materials, and work function.

* Farm Architecture:

* Farm Style:

cotn Folk Culture of the Mississippi Delta: The Widner-Magers Farm Historic District provides an opportunity to conserve the rich heritage of the Mississippi Delta in Northeast Arkansas. People of diverse backgrounds came together here in Mississippi County to drain the swamp and cultivate the soil. These people brought to our area a unique folk culture. Through research and a living history museum, we hope to preserve and share a part of the 1930s farm life.

*Farm Life:

*Farm Equipment:

*Farm Fashion:

*Vintage Recipes

*Farm Crafts:

cotnEducation and Agri-Tourism : This project provides us with the opportunity to showcase the various aspects of agricultural production. The goal is to provide resources to enable visitors to enjoy hands-on experiences and educational opportunities regarding Delta farm history. 

  • Back To The Past, Pioneer Reenactment
  • WMFHD Newsletter, January 2009/Contents: 19th C History; WMFarm in Rural Arkansas Magazine; The Year Is 1938; Update 2008; 19th C Christmas; "On The Road"; Curtis C. Duncan Photography Featured; Donations; Wish List; Letter from Dru
  • WMFHD Newsletter, July 2007/Contents: Magers-Duncan Complex...National Register of Historic Places; A House Becomes A Home; 2007 Brings Many Additions To The Farm; The Open Hearth Cook Visits WMFHD; Thank You To...; Barn Quilts And Delta Angels; 1920 Grocery Building...; Hooter and Lucille; Boo; What's Happening At The Farm
  • WMFHD Newsletter, December 2007/Contents: The Old Red Barn To Host Santa And His Reindeer; Historic District To Celebrate Traditional Christmas; Bethlehem Relocated; Back At The Farm Joins Arkansas Delta Made; New Signs Designate Historic District; Barn Quilts Add A Touch of The 1930s; What's Happening At The Farm


Many thanks to those who have generously donated items to the Widner-Magers Farm: Dave & Shirley Short, Prim, AR; Marguarite Brownlee and Family, Dell; Bobby Hogan, Dell; Bo Whistle, Dell; Charles Parrish, Sherwood, Ar; Catherine Boren, Gosnell, Ar; Sandra Carpenter, Dell; Phillip Brown, Jonesboro, Ar; Mr. & Mrs. Chris Christenson, Calumet, Ar; Joe Chipman, Manila, Ar; Kevin Gerber, Marmaduke, Ar; Alton & Bernice Blaylock, Crossroads (S of Dell), AR



U. S. Cotton Facts. . .

cotn A bale of cotton weighs about 500 lbs.

cotnU. S. textile mills will spin almost 3 million bales of cotton this year. That's enough cotton to make more than 600 million pairs of men's jeans and more than 2 billion men's dress shirts.

cotnOne bale of cotton can make: 215 Pairs of Jeans; 249 Bed Sheets; 409 Men's Sport Shirts; 690 Terry Bath Towels; 765 Men's Dress Shirts; 1,217 Men's T-Shirts; 1,256 Pillowcases; 2,104 Pairs of Boxer Shorts; 2,419 Pairs of Men's Briefs; 3,085 Diapers; 4321 Mid-Calf Socks; 6,436 Pairs of Women's Knit Briefs; 21,960 Women's Handkerchiefs; 313,600 $100 Bills.

Sources of information; USDA ERS, FAO, EPA, USDA Census of Ag

cotton picking contest

Here's one of those things that's funny but holds much truth. A reprint from the Boston News Bureau:

What is Cotton?

COTTON is the overcoat of a seed that is planted and grown in the Southern states to keep the producer broke and buyer crazy. The fibre varies in color and weight and the men who can guess the nearest the length of a fibre is called a cotton man by the public, a fool by the farmer and a poor business man by his creditors.

The price of cotton is fixed in New York and goes up when you have sold and down when you have bought. A buyer working for a group of mills was sent to New York to watch the cotton market and after a few days' deliberation wired his firm to this effect--"Some think it will go up, some think it will go down, I do, too. Whatever you do will be wrong. Act at once."

Cotton is planted in the spring, mortaged in the summer and left in the field in winter.

There are other definitions, but none better than this.




July 13- glasshs Re-Purposed Shabby Doors and Windows

July 12-Wildflower or Weed? logcabin

July 10- ohs Inside the Outhouse--Just for Fun

July 8-Saying "I Do"--A Rustic Barn Wedding we

July 6- kraut Recipe for Easy Kraut Salad

July 4-Vintage & Charming--China Demitasse Cups demi

July 3- kitf Keeping Room Redo Update

July 1-Barn Charm--Somewhere in Tennessee barnq

June 29- 3244 Easy Sauerkraut In A Jar

June 27-In The Pink--Crepe Myrtle pin

June 26- sh Building Our Shabby Shed

June 24-Barn Charm--Magers Barn #3 gr

June 22-ragd Raggedy? Yes!--A Few Old Rag Dolls

June 20-Farmer John's Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich nut

June 19- 6009 To Keep Vintage White--

June 18-Barn Charm-Granddaddy Built A Hay Barn hay

June 17- ti Tigers in the Garden

June 16-Donations to the Historic District 5841

June 13-5783 Farm Girls, Farm Wives, and Farm Overalls

June 12-The White Crepe Myrtle 5895

June 11-wh The Old Whistle Barn

June 10-Old South Folk Art Prints of Artist Floyd Gordon gor

June 7-mercy A Visit From The Open Hearth Cook Mercy Ingraham

June 6-Barn Quilts on the Porch barn

June 4-5795The 1956 Chevy Farm Truck Comes Home

June 2-Barn Charm-The Old Brownlee Barn bwnlee

May 30- pil The Denim Shirt Pillow

May 28-Bunches of Overalls bib

May 26- yds The Great Hwy 25 Yard Sale Treasure Hunt

May 24-Consider The Lilies. . . 5635

May 23-thum Barn Watching

May 20-Recipe For Grandmother's Buttermilk Pie bttm

May 17- pot Around The Farm

May 16-Vintage Pattern for Retro 50s His & Her Plates plate

May 14-pl Plans For The Keeping Room

May 13-A Real Country Kitchen te



We each have our place in time, and if we live right, we change that place and that time for the better.

HISTORY of the Widner-Magers Farm


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July 21- For the Keeping Room: Folk Painting on an Old Barn Door

July 19-Making Amish Peach Jam peaches

July 16-1940 About Vintage Aprons


July 15-Barn Charm--Everett Log Barn Becomes Log Cabin eloghs


shotgun house

Shotgun Tenant House ca 1950,built on the Magers Farm ca 1932; photo by Curtis Duncan

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Farm Tours are CLOSED until Fall 2014

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This 1956 Chevy "Bob" Truck was donated in January by Karen Dilldine of Half Moon Farms. We hope to restore it to it's former beauty. This truck was possibly originally owned by Curtis Duncan Farms and is back home again!

Thanks so much, Karen!



quiltWe're studying quilts used by the farm workers in this area--often called "utility quilts." If you happen to own any of these quilts, please email us. This is a part of our local Delta culture that is being lost.




delta crossroads We were featured in the December Issue of Delta Crossroads!Click here for a preview

The Widner-Magers Farm Historic District was also featured in the July 2009 Rural Arkansas Magazine!




Widner-Magers Farm Historic District


A Member of ardelmade


A Member of ALFHAM


We Grow


Wash Day: Irene Magers (left) & Friend

C A & Juanita Smith



"In the early 1990's, Dell town officials and the Dell Garden Club members began lighting Main Street at Christmastime with 1000's of tiny white Christmas lights. . ."

Santa's Workshop in the above photo is the C. A. Smith Grocery building in Dell, AR, during the Victorian Christmas in 1994. The grocery is now located at the Widner-Magers Historic District, north of Dell.

During the early years of the 1990s, the entire town of Dell came to life during the Christmas season with lights, carolers, and other entertainment. For more of the story and photos, CLICK HERE for dellarkansas.com



May 11- park Back To The Past

May 8-Early Farm Kitchens kit

May 6-junkn Junking In The Bootheel Of Missouri

May 3-A Shabby Chic Apron From Denim Jeans apron

May 2-Rag Rug Loom Now Available Online

April 29-Retro 50s At The Old Greyhound Bus Station greyh

April 27- prim Inspiration From The Homeplace In Tennessee

April 22-Vintage Store Labels tomatoes

April 20- castore Our Old Country Store

April 17-Three Farm Dresses--1920s-30s farmdress

April 16- 40s Heads Up! How To Tie A 1940s Headscarf

April 14-How To Dress A Her Crow Scarecrow hercrow

April 7- weavit My Aunt's Weave It Loom Project

April 5-Folk Art On The Clothesline quilt

April 3-ffbhs Just An Old Farmhouse

April 1-Overalls and Accessories From The 1930s white

Mar 30- dru Grandmother's 1940s Spring Dress

Mar 27-Rag Rug Inspiration ragrug3

Mar 17-paintedhouse A Visit To A Painted House

Mar 16-A White House Cookbook of My Own whs

Mar 14-keepinrm The 1930s Keeping Room

Mar 10-When Life Gives You Pots, Make Gumbo gunbo

Mar 8-pecanpiePecan Pie Recipes from Three Generations

Mar 6-The Country Bedroom 1930s Style bedrom

Mar 5- barnquilt Barn Quilts and Cross Stitch

Mar 3-Farmer Boys and Overalls m&m

Feb 29-hudson The Delta Folk Art of Stephen Hudson

Feb 27-The Farm Dress, Then or Now? dress

Feb 23- bath The Country Bath

Feb 20-A Simple Apron to Sew apron

Feb 17-beans Beans-n-Ham & Easy Spoon Bread

Feb 16-Farm Album: "We've Come a Long Way, Baby" Part 2

Feb 15-Farm Album: "We've Come A Long Way, Baby!" album


Feb 13-gshed Inside the Garden Shed: A Touch of Spring Fever

Feb 9-Folk Art Portrays Delta Life xx


Feb 3-kitchen My Kitchen's Hidden Secrets


Jan 31-ragrug Rag Rugs: A Delta Folk Art

Jan 28-Let's All Go To The Ritz ritz


Jan 23-Cowboy's House cowboy

Jan 20-Making Pumpkin Butter, Day 1

Jan 11-If Life Gives You Gumbo, Make Pottery

Jan 14-1825 1825 Log House On It's Way Uploghouse

Jan 7--Pickin', Singin', and Shootin'--Photographs, That Is

joeA Photo Shoot at The Farm today for Joe Chipman's new CD.



Dec 29-Crazy Crooked T-Shirt Quilt

Dec 30-Quilting the Crazy Crooked T-Shirt Quiltquilt





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