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It's the 1930s and fashions . . .

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Sears, Roebuck and Company

1934 Spring Catalog



1938 McCall's Pattern

"Church clothes" may have been ordered from the catalogs or bought at the downtown department store, but for most area women, clothing was home sewn, aquired as a hand-me-down, or bought at a tag sale. Work was hard and relentless. Clothing had to be durable and washable. Aprons were worn from dawn to bedtime.

Workdress and Apron

An Everyday Necessity


Everyday Cotton Wash Dress

A Little Dressier



  1938 Clothing Prices

Ladies Fashion Dresses. . . $4.98

Spring Frock. . . . . . .$5.75

Shoes. . . .$1.98-3.95

Man's Shirt. . . .$2.50

Man's Slacks. . . . $3.98

Man's Socks. . . $.10/pair

"Cowboy" Style






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